Rodarte at it Again

Once again, Kate and Laura Mulleavy (Rodarte) put on a show to remember. Around a year ago…. I stumbled upon the two sisters. And they actually designed some of the costumes in the controversial movie: Black Swan! I found their designs to be charming, surreal, and most of all: fashion forward. From their shows with over-the-knee boots, tattoo arms, their candlelit show, to their Spring 2011 show of joyous art! It was stunning!  Rodarte always brings a breath of fresh air to the industry with every season. This recent show was breathtaking.  They started the show, close to pitch black, with their first model walking in the dark with the lights flickering. The model rebounded back to the start of the runway. The lights went up… and BAM. The first look to come out usually sets the mood and rhythmic feeling of the show. It was beautiful.  The gold-ish mud splotched lips, the swooped straight hair from the 60’s, the versatile prints. The collection was impacable.

And the runway? Quite the maze. Rodarte always uses the labryinth runways. Usually their models  walk through the sitting crowd… like the people are the hedges? This show, they used simple wood platforms (the ones you see hold large packages in shippingyards?) as the maze. The ending of the show had each model come out to a designated spot in the maze and stand still as all of the models proceeded out. The lights go down. The lights flicker sporadically. It felt like one of those movie moments where there is awful lighting in this sketch old building. Roaring applause is going on during the flickering lights! The lights come up to their bright point of pain. Like I said: stunning show. Not only have the Mulleavy sisters created ready-to-wear items, they have made art. With this collection especially, and all of their previous ones. Don’t stop designing, Mulleavys! You are both making my heart leap with joy  as I see your work through the seasons. Inspiration at its best, I do say. Keep at it Mulleavys. Keep at it. 

Take a gander at their website:


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