Alex Pardee, the Pop Surrealist of Today

 So a friend told me about this brilliant artist named Alex Pardee a while back. Searched him up… and immediatley I wanted to dive into his world of abstract surrealism. See the genius? See the line of color and the fantasy world the man has created? I DO. I wouldn’t call our acquaintance a traditional artist. And that’s because in all reality, he isn’t. I’d say his head isn’t even in this reality! Surrealism is at its best when I am looking at his work! His art is controversial and dark. Really dark, so if you are a tad sensitive to profanity, nudity, and graphic anything… I am just warning you.  With controversy in the art world… , it probably means both sides of the industry hate it or love it. Which is perfect harmony! I love his two DC comic pieces right beneath me. He displays Batman and Doctor Manhattan as insignificant old blokes with villains and allies walking up and down the heroes. But really, they kind of are old in their stories. Call me a nerd, but I have a thing for geeky things like DC Comics and Marvel. Anyways, a quicky about and for the artist. Alex Pardee freelances for Hurley International, Street Drum Corps, Aiden… the list goes on. His work has helped him undermine depression, and emotional struggles. It is very apparent in many of his pieces. With getting involved in his California community, he has designed for the National San Diego Comic-Con(which is huge, and I want to go one day). Donating to charities like “To Write Love on Her Arms”, and “Purple Heart”, its obvious he wants to give back. AND, drumroll please……… has designed the artwork for the up and coming movie Sucker Punch! I have seen little bits of it, looks interesting. Yes, it is directed by the man that did Watchmen and 300… so it is your everyday action packed film. But I am definetly going to see it just because he has some affiliation with it! For those of you who have read this far, thank you! And to Alex Pardee, if you are reading this… know that you are inspiring the hearts of dopey art students, like me.

Amazing isn’t it? All of the art is by Alex Pardee. Here is his website:

You’ll be hearing from me soon. Soon. Oh wait. I forgot, no one reads this. But that’s ok.



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4 responses to “Alex Pardee, the Pop Surrealist of Today

  1. Hannah Cicero

    Yes they do!!! And in all honesty, I enjoy it very much!!! Keep working hard at it and someday, everyone will be reading this!!!! (like me, and my sisters!!!!)

  2. Kaitlyn

    I read it! Its for my homework tho

  3. Claire

    Awesome piece, I LoVE alex pardee!:)

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