Anna Sui is the Modern Day Bohemian

Now before I begin to rant, you might ask, what is Bohemian? It all originated in Europe within what is now called the Czech Republic. Traveling artistic  nomads were what they were known as. With being looked down upon ( by the upper class Europeans) as gypsies, they developed an entire culture of avant garde fashion. It was more a lifestyle than a style, but it developed into a style in the 20th century. The underdogs of fashion “back in the day” as I would like to call it. Now spring is coming, and with fashion during spring time, things get more floral-y, bright and ecstatic! Representing rebirth, the cycle of life and such. But as a breath of fresh air from all that fun but much over-rated style… Anna Sui brings forth her stunning Spring/Summer collection for 2011! The show was held at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (which is one of the largest fashion events of the year, if I might add)! Anna Sui definitely put on a show stopper with her defining style of vintage ready to wear. She upped the Bohemian aspect (even more than she has) this season as you might notice.  She is one of the few designers that have her models smile, grin, simper, and smirk while they are stomping down the runway, every runway show. I admire Anna for doing that, it’s a bold move to not join the bandwagon of glaring runway models. Although… some of the models never do smile on the runways and are used to the brooding glares, so on a few of her girls… smiling doesn’t work.

But I love her clothes none the less. Especially this season… from the Indian headdresses (and the wheat crowns) on a few of the girls, black flats, classic vintage prints, feather-y beaded necklaces, happy models, the peeping leggings, the boots, and a color pallet to beat the band! Just everything was perfect ready-to-wear clothing! Well… excluding the headdresses, save em’ for the runway show.  Even the picture of  the tall grass in the back made it that much more impacable! All together a genius collection. Bravo Anna Sui, bravo!












 Stunning collection indeed. You shall be hearing from me soon for those of you that read this.

 Here is Anna Sui’s intense website, go for a visit:




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  1. AnonymusFollower ;)

    I am anonymusly following you. Nice work.

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