Céline oh, Céline

Spring’s a comin’. And with Spring representing the aesthetic of rebirth and brightness, I thought I would write about dear Phoebe Philo(creative director of Céline, and known for her work at Chloé). She has the “less is more” feeling with all of her collections, and she shows it with amazing finesse! Now she has only been working at Céline for around four years or so. But within those four years… she has begun an empire not only in France, but in many more countries like the UK, Italy, the States, and probably many more! This year for her Spring 2011 she brings forth her army of monotone duotone models. Handbags that are perfectly simple. Heels that have a slight straw feel with metallic chains on the toes. Oh, and I love the color palette… a lot of white and bright bold-ish colors. Lovin’ the composition of blue/browns and her white/oranges. She even joined the rising bandwagon of stripes and Bohemian prints, and truly made it her own.

     Céline has indeed has had a lot of master artists walk through its halls (headquartered in Paris). I would say that Phoebe Philo is the most treasured among them though. She has made the brand a complete hit with her ingenious accessorie ideas. She is also really well known for her legacy at Chloé, for working under Stella McCartney and working her way up to the top with a dynamic aesthetic. Well known for her gift at what accessories are in and out… she brought back and created ingenious ideas like high waisted jeans or handbags that made a persons heart melt. Philo is actually also pretty defined as designer. She is a vegetarian, refuses to work with fur, but she gives an exception to leather. HAHA! Love it! She actually left Chloé to have more time with family, and I give her some props for such a bold move. She was named British Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2010. I someday hope to attend those… just sayin’. So to sum up all of her work past, present, and future: Philo is doing a stunning and brilliant job. With only working for Céline for few years… she (like I mentioned) has created an empire of ready-to-wear yet extreme fashion forward clothes. I just find it stunning that one talented woman can do all of this in a span of 4 years.   






Here is the one and only website: http://www.celine.com/

And or those of you that read this… I owe you all a thank you! It really does mean alot….


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