Joe Vollan, Master of Skeletal Surrealism

Crows, Skeletons, and Robots? OH MY! To take a breath from all of the fun mainstream items I have written about… I thought about writing about a local Seattle artist, Joe Vollan. Now back a few months ago… a couple of friends and I went to Flatcolor Gallery in Pioneer Square… in Downtown Seattle (if you don’t know where that is). We are all advanced AP students… we wanted to take a pilgrimage to see the eccentric surrealist. Skeletal art can be very dull, because the modern Goths of today have made the skull one of their many spurring iconic, death images. Thanks a lot you stereotypical junkies! BUT, with Joe Vollan…. he creates this intense world filled with skeletons in 1800’s styles of clothing. His characters are always associated with a sense of trouble, mischief, melancholy, or despair. He also has a things for machines and birds… just sayin’. He paints all of his work on wood panel, which adds exquisite texture…! It is stunning to see these personified, deathly shells come to life in his paintings! Feast your eyes folks… feast em’.

I want a few of these in my home. Maybe once I get that apartment I could hang a few of em’, and maybe they’ll be worth millions someday, eh? If you are interested in purchasing…. some are still up for sale. A few of these are older ones… but quite a few of them are new. Here:

All of the art is by Joe Vollan… here is his glorious and not very updated (grr) website:

OH, and I even have one of his much older paintings hanging out there on the right side. Cute, isn’t it?


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