Rodarte, A Rising Empire with Fall 11′

I know, I wrote a Rodarte post back in December. But I am jumping on the Mulleavy’s collection this season before anyone else does! The two sisters never cease to amaze me…. every season. Showing at New York Fashion Week, for Fall 2011…. they made a folk prairie girl gone retro. The most different runway show for Fall 11′!  They were clearly inspired by the Golden Hour and Mid-West America with cornfield fabric,  a Dorthy Wizard of Oz-ish ruby-red dress, aprons and pinafores with patches, corn/wheat field fabrics, floral lace tops, knit sweaters, elongated pioneer gowns, I mean the list goes on for the implacable collection! They also used storm theory within the fabric!!! Mid-West indeed!  All together, symbolic…. and the makeup? The faces were like a setting sun! Very gradient… very sky-like. And the hair… much like a messy girl living on the farm, but she is trying to look beautiful at the same time? Stunning. All together stunning. And I’d say honorable mention for going for the non-obvious this Fall. Fashion is looking at Rodarte with an even larger grin this season. 

You might be asking “A Mid-West inspired collection…? You off your high horse, Dan? This sounds corny…” No pun intended, thank you very much. But that is what any person would think… right? Right? Of course right. But no, no, no! I found the two sisters back in fall 09’…. and a couple of years later I have seen them expand into something even greater than just a couple of hippie designing sisters. They are starting an empire… and the Mulleavy kingdom gets bigger and better every season. And they never forget to emphasize the heels on the models. I mean… for Spring 2011 they added white/blue floral prints on the sandal/boot/heels, and such. Back in Fall 09′ they had over the knee duct-tape boots. For Spring ’10 they had eccentric leather stilettos. Now they add an entire folk-y geometric print on their boots on a few of the girls. Also having a simple black heel, with the sock peeping out on the Pioneer gowns; beautiful. They always deliver. Always. Kate and Laura Mulleavy… I give 5/5 stars for Rodarte, Fall 2011!



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