These Rebels Among Us….

One of Banky's pieces from his crudeoil series

 Just finished watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, and my oh my. To quote  a friend here “It is a mind trip!”, I hold no disagreement with that statement. And I now get why Justin Timberlake said “I am Banksy”, at the Oscars…, I felt really out of it. The film is not my main point with this post, but a few quick words. Thierry Guetta, other wise known as Mister Brainwash (MBW), literally painted his way to the top in seconds, in what really should have taken years. I think MBW is very talented and that he deserves his credit. Breaking the somewhat obvious industry “rules” and using other people’s ideas for his own. Now I say this, who doesn’t do that in general these days? Just as Banksy said “There are no rules”. In all industries there are people that take another genius’ brilliant idea. They make it their own, and sometimes the originator might not get his credit. That is sort of the unfortunate part of it all. MBW, I say, was the first one to take it to another level. And it is stunning indeed. I had actually seen some of Banksy’s or Shepard Fairey’s work… and I had no idea that is was… well illegal a lot of the time. I really had no idea that there was this intense, underground industry truth be told. I knew what graffiti was… I just didn’t see that it was intentional art.

Galliano's Spring 2011, not his concetraion camp collection....

That was some quick word. Sorry. But the main point of this is that with art comes controversy. I haven’t truly taken in who the artist really is. Whether it come to someone jaw dropping like Chagall or someone modern like Alex Pardee… I love their art. The texture, color, and the shadow of it all. Finding myself envying their talent. I just look at the paintings. Not them.  And now that my eyes are fully opened I see the artists that I admire. I see their strife and what it took for them to create their work. I knew that art came in many different forms. Music, writing, theater, painting, designing, I knew all of that! I have just overlooked the people who made these works. They are all rebels… in different forms. But none the less, rebels! Whether it come to people like Picasso who intentionally put sexual symbolism into his paintings. Or John Galliano who actually created a collection inspired by the WWII concentration camps. Or Lykke Li (Swedish musician) who made a whole intense song about prostitution. And on a side note, this is kind of getting more common… which is a tad unfortunate. Andy Warhol who used iconic celebrities for his artwork. C.S. Lewis, the Oxford/Cambridge professor who wrote about theology and fantasy that he “wasn’t qualified to write about” or even Banksy! This underground mysterious graffiti artist that goes against all odds (literally) and illegally spray paints his way around cities.  They are/were all rule breakers, even when there really isn’t rules that should limit them. All of the people listed above got serious beef for being themselves. There are plenty more people that I could list off, but then I would just be ranting even more than I am. All of their work displays the world as it really is. In fact, it is not rules that scare them. Maybe it is the idea of society looking down on them for being themselves. Yet they still do it. Sometimes the work can be sexual, sometimes just horrific, sometimes religious, and sometimes just plain weird. These are some of the things that society really looks down on. And yes, it can all go over board sometimes. How else is the artist suppose to grab the attention? How else must they make their point? Let the art community be itself. Let opinions be challenged. As odd and graphic as it gets… it makes people actually use their heads. Like I said, they are the rebels among us. It is inspiring for such people to put themselves and their work out there. It gets applauded and bashed. Art makes society think… preferably.  

“Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth” -Pablo Picasso




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4 responses to “These Rebels Among Us….

  1. I love you. And Banksy.
    You’re fab, babe.
    Also, make a Twitter.
    And then follow me on Twitter.

    • artfashionandhim

      I love you too, MELYNDA! and Twitter… I need a phone that hooks up the internet before I get one of those….

  2. I loved “Exit Through the Gift Shop” such a good movie, sorry it didn’t win at the Oscars. But I really enjoyed this post and all of the thought you put into it.

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