Prada Never Disappoints

What comes to mind when you hear the marvelous noun “Prada”? The insightful movie conveniently called The Devil Wears Prada with Anne Hathaway & Meryl Streep? The metal band? Or do you think of the one and only original designer Mario Prada, whose youngest daughter Miuccia Prada is currently running the company? Before I had gotten into fashion I even knew how iconic and revered the label was. With women’s RTW Fall 2011…. Miuccia did not disappoint! It would be sort of unheard of to have a disappointing Prada collection. She always brings something fresh and classy to fashion’s wide-spread table.

Inspiration from the 20’s/60’s, (a bit of a modern nod to the those eras) aviation, and fish-type mermaids even brought forward this soft, high social, and independent woman. . Fabrics varying from organza, plastic sequins, snake-skin, leather, faux fur(least I am pretty sure on this one) floated down on the runway. Normally I despise sequins with a loving passion… but these huge, intense sequins… made the girl look like she was wearing scales in the best of ways possible. Hence why I call it an odd mermaid scale-y sort of look. The color palette was soft… but then some pieces were darker, but with a nice sort of edge. It all reminded me of this Amelia Earhart obsessed flight attendant that couldn’t handle the regular and stuffy uniforms so she came to work one day with some Prada on. HA! And the boots…. yeh people those are boots. Mary Janes with what we think are socks, but really its’ a whole shoe! Shoes with high socks are a definite rising comeback on the industry, no? Here is a small look at Prada A/W 2011, folks;

Classy, huh? Here is a video of the entire show:

Glad to see you made it this far, thank you. It means a lot.


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