Vivienne Westwood, A Barmy Yet Marvelous Woman

How  can one describe her collections? Westwood is immensely iconic and known for her crazy style, ingenious color  blocking, and her unique art direction. I am beginning to notice that a lot of these British designers… are insane; which makes them all the more gifted. She really has a thing for punk and extreme couture fashion. I mean… this is the woman who designed shoes making Naomi Campbell stumble on the runway! You have to give her props to design such a daring shoe that would make a professional model trip… on the runway? Crazy things have happened before… wait forgive me; I am talking about the fashion industry. Crazy things happen all the time.

Back to our lovely ginger of a designer. Now for her A/W 2011 RTW collection, Westwood brought together an ensemble of darks and grotesque looking girls that flaunted down the gold splotched runway in some of the most tamed clothing she has ever designed. I am not saying they are the typical “casual friday” outfit, but it seems that a more tamed inspiration was going through her head this season. And I am not down sizing her as a designer because of the few somewhat casual/wearable pieces. A lot of the collection is not even close to casual…. just some of the pieces. Her past work has had pretty far-fetched items. Let’s just say this; you wouldn’t see average Jane walking down the street in these clothes. And average Jane would probably never wear designer clothing like this either so lets not worry about Jane.

 The models this season had these intensely grotesque but some what semi-attractive paint masks smudged across their faces. Westwood always creates an artistic bang with her makeup choices… I mean a year back she put French mustaches on her models for womens RTW Fall 2010.  Crazy,right? But in the most beautiful of ways type of crazy. As far as prints go, she deserves some immense credit for having obscure combinations like plaid with indian type crows, or huge polka-dots, floral mixed in with portraits of women, bling with more floral, or plaid with a rustic mute. That list goes on. I loved the fabric choices like a bit of organza, some chiffon, silk, tons of sequins, even a tad bit of velvet. Along with the color pallete; greens, reds, yellows, gold, silver, black, grey. There was a diverse load of shoes… plaid boots, sequined gold bling-y heels, sequined bling-y sneakers, floral gold boots. And on a few of the heels, there were a few high knee socks? What did I say? That trend is getting bigger and bigger every week. The tights were refreshing… no really, it was like perfectly ice-cold water was sliding down my throat when I saw em’. Tights varying from yellow, some what invisible fish nets, red floral. An array of baggy paints, loose knit sweaters, floral & plaid skirts, sequined tops & bottoms, peeping socks harmonized the style and execution. It was all very diverse and beautiful.  The collection told multiple stories from women of a different social milieu: I saw an environmentalist that had street-wear type shirt saying in bold lettering spelling “TREES SAVE LIVES.” I saw a few girls out for a night on the town with some intense sequins action going on. A student walking to her bus stop but still looking nice and sensable.  The fashionista who still wants comfort with what she wears. That girl who seeks attention from all of those around her so she throws on her craziest print with a random pair of knit socks and heels. A young girl who is willing to take a risk and wear a bubble dress with some silk pants. A smart bohemian chick that wants to flaunt her cleverness and style. An heiress wanting a red carpet affair.  Yes, yes, yes…. Westwood successfully found a way to connect with her customers on many different levels. Fall 2011 Vivienne Westwood was indeed so the most diverse collection London saw.  Keep on being the crazy ginger you are, Vivienne… because the fashion industry needs diverse folk like you.

Go ahead and take a gander.

Marvelous collection, and see the wedding gown above? She should do more…. least I want to see more. And this is somewhat creepy, but when the time comes I kind of want to name one of my kids after her. She’s that amazing. Thanks for reading through… and comments are appreciated!


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