The Return: New Beginnings

Three years ago, I was 16 and in high school learning about myself. I was mildly awkward and unsure how to handle it and I started this blog. Today, I am 19 and a recent graduate from high school. I can still be awkward, but I got out of my shell and found a lot of myself within those three years but I still have a lot to learn. Now, I find myself back here. I still have a major appreciation for fashion and art. Major enough that I know I want to pursue a career in the fashion industry as a photographer or a stylist. Or maybe even a writer. Who knows in this economy what they want to be anymore?

I woke up today and somehow I remembered this blog’s password. Why did I stop blogging three years ago? Mainly school and stress. But the point is: I am back. Officially. And I’ve grown. Not only in taste, but in writing as well. While looking back through my old posts I realized how I was overtly cheesy. I couldn’t stop laughing, but people actually read my blog, and within those three years I’ve accumulated a mass group of views. Almost 100,000 people have looked at my blog. That’s huge!! That’s crazy, and that is partially why I return. I must have been good at it back then. Now I can only imagine what I have the power to do now on here. So thank you WordPress for hosting an abandoned blog for the last three years and letting the masses see my posts, mainly they came to see the late Alexander McQueen appreciation post I wrote a while ago.

Thank you

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I really owe this to you; the reader.

This time, I intend to come back with full force. New York fashion week begins this week, couture just ended, and like I did so last time, I wish to show case the work of some of my favorite designers and editors. They are to be celebrated for their hard work, and because on a personal level, they’ve gotten me through the day by inspiring me. Also, I wish to showcase my personal work as an aspiring photographer and stylist. I am changing the URL, this isn’t necessarily a clean slate, rather a new era. The short but successful dynasty of “Art, Fashion & Him” is over. “The Eclectic Photographer” dynasty begins today. Here’s to you, reader. May we embark on this journey together. I am thankful for you, I wouldn’t necessarily be nothing without you,  however I greatly appreciate an audience who views what I love doing: writing and appreciating art.


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