My name is Daniel Shapiro. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Gustav Klimt is my favorite artist, Florence Welch is my spirit animal, and I like the idea of living in Croatia though I don’t know if that will become a reality someday. I’ve developed a keen eye for clothes, styles, and trends. With that said, welcome to my blog. Here, you’ll find savvy commentary on what I find to be up and coming in fashion, and on an occasion I’ll look backwards into the history of fashion (even though the industry is all about looking forward), because history repeats itself more than ever, especially with clothing. I intend to showcase not only my work with fashion photography and portraits etc., but also the work of other game changers in the industry who inspire me. Everyone is involved in fashion in one way or another, whether one likes it or not and that is why I find myself here: to bring forth something that will resonate with an audience who wakes up everyday and chooses what they put on their back. It’s a billion dollar art form in which everyone in every culture participates in: dressing themselves.

“Fashion is the amma to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do away with it. It would be like doing away with civilization.” -Bill Cunningham, street photographer for the New York Times


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