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Viktor & Rolf, The Geometric Duo

Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren are two Dutch designers that treat fashion like its life and death! They both own a line called… Viktor & Rolf; catchy, eh? The line is iconic and renowned for the vivacious haute couture style. The two are also known for their distinct geometric style of designing. Somewhat new to the whole industry they have already gone far with their work… and I have only been keeping an eye on them for a couple of seasons. With this season though… they told the story of a modern-day girl battling her way  in the Crusades. For their trademark idea of hard geometric ruffles, they put these stiff ruffles on girls shoulders, chests, arms, and some small ones on the shoes… kind of like fabric type paper. Red faces, fabric that looks like armor, and an implacable color palette of red, white, grey, and black; equates to a stunning medieval military unit that is ready to stomp a runway. The models looked ready to impale their enemies with those intense shoulder pieces. The red faces were also a perfect touch. Not the average makeup for a collection, and this is one of the reasons I enjoyed it. To me it symbolised the anger, pain, and strife a person can go through when in battle. This Fall looks prominent and pretty far spread out for styles and looks within the industry. These two really upped their game from what everyone else is doing…. and brought something entirely different to fashion’s large table. Take a look for yourself, folks. For Fall 2011… they definitely had an immense success. So far this is my favorite line for Autumn/Winter 2011.

Yeh, it is far fetched, but it is art. A beautiful collection!


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Lori Earley, A Madame Of Portraits

My friend, Alex, has loaned me a HI-FRUCTOSE (superb art magazine) and I have found myself  staring at each page for hours on end. I have soaked up the entire magazine… but not to the point where I will explode. I find myself coming back to it every day and devouring the art spreads to no end. So earlier this week, I realized I want more of this magazine. I Googled it, went to images, and immediately my eyes went to this cover out of all the covers. Stunned by the portrait and its style I found the artist, Lori Earley. The title gave me away, didn’t it? But looking at all of her work… it is like one of the portraitures  from the 19/20th century was reincarnated into a modern surrealist of today. Who are these women? The eyes…. are piercing. The faces are full of bone. The elongated necks look like they have been taken from ostriches, minus the feathers. All together, she is a moving artist. The eyes are what grab me the most. They all tell a story and show this woman’s past. And I think that a few of her portraits are some of her customers. Huh. She deserves props. I write about these extraordinary artists because they deserve credit. People like this artist, need to know that people like me are out here in the world. I am inspired. I plan on actually using some of the eye techniques she has done. And who knows, by the time I am as far as Earley… maybe there will be someone blogging on me. No other woman uses oils like this one folks. Lori Earley, if you ever read this… want to give some art lessons to an art student whose in need of a mentor? And I know I am not a girl… but a portrait of me would be pretty sweet too.

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