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2012 Resort Collections Have Gone To The Streets

Who else would have the genius to put a leather jacket with a maxi floral dress? Oliver Theyskens!

I have been on a brief hiatus from WordPress. I know, there are people out there that are much busier than a student and can still get work done. So maybe I have been a tad lazy but still busy at the same time. Is that possible? Now with summer in our midst, things are much brighter for some folks. The parties are spry, some people can sleep in, some people have time to do actual activities, and plenty of people take advantage of their wardrobes. The weather is lax and allows people to actually wear one layer without sweating a storm or feeling uncomfortable. Now… to my main point. Looking at the resort collections from the designers has been eventful! It is like… they stepped onto an actual street in downtown Paris… or Manhattan and took a look at what the lower class people are stuck with. With them being the creative folk they are, they made street wear pricy and… even better than it was. Designers like Oliver Theyskens or Alberta Ferretti created an edgy, urban, hipster girl who goes for something unique. Even the house of Alexander

One out of a million candid shots from Bill Cunningham

McQueen found a street side. And you know, this street side has always been there in fashion. I mean, I saw Bill Cunningham New York(stunning film, it deserves a blog post) the other night and just look at the girls that he has taken pictures of! Why not rock a flashy blazer, or wear an open trench coat with some baggy balloon pants, or a maxi dress with a pair of leather boots! Sweater with a skirt? And oddly enough, pajamas are back in… imagine a trench coat with those new Ralph Lauren bottoms! Classy. What about a to-the-knee skirt with a pair of long boots? Short shorts with a formal boyfriend blazer and sandals? The possibilities are endless, folks. Street wear is officially back in, take advantage of it… these things change too fast.

But do look at a few more pictures…. Photo courtesy goes to http://www.vogue.com/?us_site=y

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2012

Alexander McQueen, Resort 2012

Burberry Prorsum, Resort 2012

Alexander Wang, Resort 2012

Balenciaga, Resort 2012

Marc Jacobs, Resort 2012

Nini Ricci, Resort 2012

Chloé, Resort 2012

Theysken's Theory, Resort 2012


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Lori Earley, A Madame Of Portraits

My friend, Alex, has loaned me a HI-FRUCTOSE (superb art magazine) and I have found myself  staring at each page for hours on end. I have soaked up the entire magazine… but not to the point where I will explode. I find myself coming back to it every day and devouring the art spreads to no end. So earlier this week, I realized I want more of this magazine. I Googled it, went to images, and immediately my eyes went to this cover out of all the covers. Stunned by the portrait and its style I found the artist, Lori Earley. The title gave me away, didn’t it? But looking at all of her work… it is like one of the portraitures  from the 19/20th century was reincarnated into a modern surrealist of today. Who are these women? The eyes…. are piercing. The faces are full of bone. The elongated necks look like they have been taken from ostriches, minus the feathers. All together, she is a moving artist. The eyes are what grab me the most. They all tell a story and show this woman’s past. And I think that a few of her portraits are some of her customers. Huh. She deserves props. I write about these extraordinary artists because they deserve credit. People like this artist, need to know that people like me are out here in the world. I am inspired. I plan on actually using some of the eye techniques she has done. And who knows, by the time I am as far as Earley… maybe there will be someone blogging on me. No other woman uses oils like this one folks. Lori Earley, if you ever read this… want to give some art lessons to an art student whose in need of a mentor? And I know I am not a girl… but a portrait of me would be pretty sweet too.

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Joe Vollan, Master of Skeletal Surrealism

Crows, Skeletons, and Robots? OH MY! To take a breath from all of the fun mainstream items I have written about… I thought about writing about a local Seattle artist, Joe Vollan. Now back a few months ago… a couple of friends and I went to Flatcolor Gallery in Pioneer Square… in Downtown Seattle (if you don’t know where that is). We are all advanced AP students… we wanted to take a pilgrimage to see the eccentric surrealist. Skeletal art can be very dull, because the modern Goths of today have made the skull one of their many spurring iconic, death images. Thanks a lot you stereotypical junkies! BUT, with Joe Vollan…. he creates this intense world filled with skeletons in 1800’s styles of clothing. His characters are always associated with a sense of trouble, mischief, melancholy, or despair. He also has a things for machines and birds… just sayin’. He paints all of his work on wood panel, which adds exquisite texture…! It is stunning to see these personified, deathly shells come to life in his paintings! Feast your eyes folks… feast em’.

I want a few of these in my home. Maybe once I get that apartment I could hang a few of em’, and maybe they’ll be worth millions someday, eh? If you are interested in purchasing…. some are still up for sale. A few of these are older ones… but quite a few of them are new. Here: http://www.flatcolor.com/gallery/joevollan2010preview.html.

All of the art is by Joe Vollan… here is his glorious and not very updated (grr) website: http://www.joevollan.com/

OH, and I even have one of his much older paintings hanging out there on the right side. Cute, isn’t it?

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